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South American Flavour in South Africa

Last month we added a new flour vendor, Santa Anna’s. Their flour is very good quality stone ground flour made with heirloom wheat seeds. The reviews from the other Good Food Clubs in Mowbray and Observatory is that there flour is pretty spectacular. They were also raving about the Organic Corn Chip and Organic Corn Tortillas. Which was what caught my interest.  Corn chips and Tortillas in South Africa???  I had to try… And they did not disappoint! Having lived in New Mexico as a child, these chips brought back mouth watering memories. The chips are good plain, or with salsa or if you’re like me, you can make nachos, loaded with every type of cheese, jalapenos, pulled pork, corn, sour cream, avocados… there’s really no limit to the imagination!

The only problem is that they come in boxes of set quantities. So last month, we ordered 1 box each of the tortillas and chips. After our members took their portion of the order, Jo and I were stuck with buying up the rest which we didn’t mind since they were so good. But I might need to create some kind of stock level in Woocommerce to limit the number of order so that we don’t end up having too many left order.  I’ll think about it.

I also noticed the tortillas do not last long. They will mold quickly, so best to throw them in the freezer or use them quickly. To me that’s a comforting sign that they’re not adding anything extra in them. I once left a supermarket baguette out to see when it would start growing mold… it never did.  Scary.

Next month, we’ll be adding a few more local vendors so, I’m pretty excited about that. I’ll give more details when we open our next month’s orders.

Learn more about Santa Anna’s on their website: