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The Official Organic GFC Coffee

Jo and I love our coffee! I mean, we really LOVE our coffee. That’s why we’re sharing the love by offering the Official Organic Good Food Club Coffee! For the past five years we’ve been buying bulk green beans and I’ve been roasting a weeks worth of coffee at a time for ourselves (selfish is i know!) But now for the first time, we’re offering to you guys.

When we started the Good Food Club here, Bean There was our coffee vendor. Even though members wanted coffee, we never got a single order because the minimum order was 5kg and we couldn’t make that with our small group buying a few 200g bags.

We sourced a bulk order of certified organic beans (mixed origin). We roast in very small batches by hand using a heat gun. The most important factor in good coffee is when the roast happened. Kind of like fresh baked goods or fresh produce.

We’ll be roasting these to a full city roast on Thursday. So it’ll likely be the freshest roast you’ve had, with fewer miles and much less packaging. We love our coffee and hope you will too.

Our sons, Noah (7) with assistant Eli (5), decided they would help out with roasting coffee. This month, we wanted to support them in doing this, but it is just a trial run to see if it works for our family… They’ll get to earn some of the profits and some will go to a local non-profit.

We also offer green beans if you want to try your hand on roasting. Roasting your own is fun and easy (or you can make it as complicated as you want). The best resource for learning about coffee roasting is Sweet Maria’s website if you try your hand at it.