Pick up time:

Market days happen on a Friday 11am-5pm. The next market date is listed at bottom of this website.

Pick up location:

46 Lochiel Road in Sunnydale. (Red house on the right.)

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Market day notes:

We work on a gather-your-own-goods market day system. Please come ready to gather your own order; or if you send someone in your place, please ensure that they are ready to take responsibility for gathering your order.

Refrigeration and collections timing
The volume of meat and chicken we order is too much to refrigerate, so please try to collect your meat/cheese/dairy as early in the day as possible. It does stay cold through the afternoon, but obviously the sooner it moves to your fridge/freezer the better. It also helps if you bring a cool box when you collect, as collection itself can take a bit of time.

Priced-by-weight items
Remember that all meat and cheeses are approximate prices because they are dependent on exact weights. In other words, once your specific cuts arrive, we put individual weights into the system for all meat and cheese received, and the R/kg price is applied to give give exact costs. For example, if you order 0.5kg of cheddar, you might received 0.65kg of cheddar. We put that 0.65kg as an exact weight into the system, and your total owed is calculated automatically according to the price/kg.

Payments happen by EFT. After market day, I record what you received/didn’t receive and then send out invoices that night. Payments get made into my bank account, and I pay all suppliers within a week of market day. I always appreciate it if people pay within 2 days of invoicing, and let me know when they’ve paid. In principle and practicality we aim to have payments closed out ASAP after each market day.